TALER is an open-source cryptocurrency with almost instant transactions that is convenient to use as digital money: from small private payments to savings function and business applications!

How get started?

Why Taler?


Taler has no owner or director. Taler exists as long as there is
community of its users. Anyone can buy, sell, keep, donate, bequeath, and use the Taler as they wish.

A fair algorithm

Allows to mine a coin both on GPU and CPU. Combined PoW + PoS network consensus.


The Taler seeks to become a secure, fast transactions and high security, a means of mutual settlement and savings capital, without taxes or fees.

Open Community

Not bound by borders, language or religious barriers. Each and every user is welcome and encouraged to take any initiative to use the Taler in your everyday life.

The First in Belarus

- a small European country that is known because of its tolerant, kind people, Olympic athletes, and World Of Tanks.

Taler is our story

300 years ago in these lands the kings minted silver Taler. Now ordinary Belarusians mine the Taler digitally. A connection of history, a connection generations.


stock exchanges

List of all exchanges on which Taler is traded. Up-to-date information on the stock exchanges can be
find out in the Telegram chat.



Taler Wallet for different operating systems from taler-project

Taler Wallet for different operating systems from cryptadev


Telegram Taler Wallet Bot

The wallet allows you to receive, send and make p2p-transactions with Taler cryptocurrency. 

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